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Website Builder

web site builder

In today’s technology driven world it is essential that every individual or business utilizes a website builder to quickly and easily share their message with the world.  Websites are used in the same way that storefronts have been used in the past.  Your webpage shares a significant amount of information …

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Choosing the right website builder and site maker

The purpose of a website is to market a specific service or product or alternatively, provide information to the public about any specific topic. This is why millions of business owners invest thousands of dollars every year on creating and maintaining their websites. The success of any business is based …

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Unlimited hosting

unlimited hosting

The industry of providing hosting facilities and services to websites is very competitive. Many companies offered a variety of different options at very reasonable prices in order to stay ahead of their competitors. Unlimited hosting is another way to offer great services to their customers to ensure your satisfaction in …

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Google Drive on Cloud Nine


It is no secret to say that the demand for information is increasing phenomenally and the need for Data Storage Solutions and the ability to work on projects remotely increases in line with that demand.  Of course, cloud technology has been available for some time now, but the much anticipated …

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A Kind Of Digital Terrorism

digital terrorism

A Kind Of Digital Terrorism It is true to say that the world is becoming a much smaller place with the advent of the internet. Whilst this has enormous advantages in many ways it does also provide its own set of problems.  As businesses start to rely more and more …

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PoundHost Launches a New Affiliate Marketing Channel


New Affiliate Marketing Channel With the ever increasing challenge of capturing new and unique customers, businesses are consistently turning to creative methods of presenting their value and establishing their brand presence. It is in this spirit that UK based PoundHost, leading player in the server co-location realm, is announcing a …

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SOPA: Stop online piracy act

The internet is one of the most used and abused methods of communication today, as it brings enormous advantages to billions of users, it can also bring enormous disadvantages which can trouble billions of users also. That is why many are starting to introduce laws and regulation to suppress the …

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Green web hosting: When the internet goes green

As awareness to the growing environmental condition of our planet increase, ecologists and environmentalists are taking the advantage to make an impression worldwide. They constantly remind people in every means possible that the Earth is our home and it is our responsibility to take of it, many still ignore their …

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Increase Your Google Visibility With Keyword ADV From Names.co.uk

keyword adv professional

New Names.co.uk product takes the mystery out of choosing your advertising keywords on Google 1st March 2012; Worcester, UK–  Names.co.uk, the internet services specialist, has  today launched Keyword ADV, an off-the-shelf product for quickly and easily increasing a companies’ presence online. Keyword ADV enables businesses to get instant visibility in …

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