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Do You Need a Cheap Dedicated Server?

Are you tired of shared server subscriptions where the problems of other websites can affect your uptime and your bottom line?  Have you looked at server prices and found them all to be just out of your financial reach?  Do you need a cheap dedicated server?  Then try Poundhost.com.  Poundhost.com …

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What Server Do You Want For Your Website?

You are upgrading your website and its server to take advantage of all the new Internet computing capabilities.  If you live and work in Great Britain, then the place to look for your new Windows server is PoundHost.com, because PoundHost.com offers a Windows server in each of its dedicated server …

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Dedicated Servers

With increased use of the computer for personal and business use, new needs arise. One of these is dedicated servers. A dedicated server is one computer as part of a network whose job it is to fulfill the serving duties for the entire network. These duties might include communication  between …

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Linux dedicated server: What is it?

One of the marvels of human endeavor is technology and it is man’s greatest achievement to date. One can easily be awed by the sheer volume of technological advancement mankind has made, and one of his greatest invention is the internet. Today, it is impossible to picture out a society …

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The Dedication of Dedicated servers

Servers are the power behind the internet, through these super computers; the internet is what it is today, a hub for billions of people, with countless number of transactions and information distribution in a massive scale. The basic venue for transactions in the internet is through the website, and the …

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The Magic of a MySQL Server

MySQL is the most popular open-source database on the Internet, but what doesthat mean? Basically, a MySQL server allows users to create a relationaldatabase on a web-server located anywhere in the world in order to store data. If you have a blog, your blog host probably usesa MySQL server. Popular …

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Managed VPS Offer Security and Convenience

 Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are used by businesses to communicate on a private network while still using the internet. Because they are closed systems controlled by the company, they are not open to outside traffic from the public. When a VPS is used, companies’ network needs are simplified, its extended …

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