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Xen Virtual Servers – Why Favor the Virtual Option?

When it comes to the online world and the internet of the 21st century in general, it cannot have escaped the attention of most that things have a habit of evolving, changing and shifting faster than in any other sphere. Only a few short years ago, any person or business looking …

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Choosing Com Domain Names – Five Golden Rules

It would probably be fair to suggest that around 99% of people and businesses looking to develop and launch a website already have their chosen domain name in mind. Sadly, it would be equally fair to state that a rather large proportion of these individuals are somewhat barking up the …

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Fast UK Virtual Servers

What are Virtual Servers? A virtual server is a Web server that shares its computer resources with several other virtual servers. It’s called virtual because it’s not a dedicated server – meaning that it is not 100% dedicated to running the server software. There are many fast UK virtual servers …

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In the world of modern technology there are many factors to consider when trying to run a corporation successfully. Within its umbrella there are various departments that have their own lines of business that they are dedicated to. Each division must perform their daily duties in order for the firm …

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Understanding the Basics of ASP Hosting

ASP Hosting

Asp hosting refers to active server pages, which is basically the scripting that is used to generate the active content of your web page. There are two types of content that will be created through this process. The first is static content, such as text, images or any objects that …

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Server Co-Location Services For Any Business

Firms that have global offices around the world need to have disaster recovery measures set in place. With today’s uncertain times the need to be practical and smart has never been more important. A server co-location would be one of the best ways to ensure that in the event of …

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Tips On Transferring A Domain Name

There could be a million and one reasons on why one would want to transfer their domain name to another domain hosting provider. How one goes about transfer of domain name will depend on a few factors. There are a few items that will deter one’s ability to transfer their …

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Tips For Domain Name Hosting

One of the most exciting times in one’s life can be the decision to start a company. With a sound business plan the road to success can be in the very near future. One of the very first projects a new business can warrant would be domain name hosting. A …

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UK Based OpenVZ Makes Work More Convenient

When you are looking for a platform that makes all of your customer service more convenient and your data storage easier to move, you need to look no further than using an OpenVZ platform. OpenVZ is a server platform that will let your customers access the data you need them …

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