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Useful tips on picking domain names

Domain Names

Nowadays, your customers will not only know the kind of products that you sell but they will associate the domain name with you. Just like your company name is the identity in the physical world, in the virtual world people will identify you with your domain name. It does hence …

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Why is it Necessary to Buy Domain Names?

The internet is fast becoming the number one place to go to for information, shopping, education and much more. Businesses that have websites rely heavily on the internet as one of their most valued business tools. They use the internet for marketing, exposure, communication and various other transactions. It is …

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New gTLDs Domain names in for 2013

For years, we are fully acquainted of the .coms and the .orgs in the internet. This has very much shaped what the internet looks like, but come 2013 this will all change. We will now be seeing websites with very unique top level domain names such as .london, .paris or …

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A Kind Of Digital Terrorism

digital terrorism

A Kind Of Digital Terrorism It is true to say that the world is becoming a much smaller place with the advent of the internet. Whilst this has enormous advantages in many ways it does also provide its own set of problems.  As businesses start to rely more and more …

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Linux dedicated server: What is it?

One of the marvels of human endeavor is technology and it is man’s greatest achievement to date. One can easily be awed by the sheer volume of technological advancement mankind has made, and one of his greatest invention is the internet. Today, it is impossible to picture out a society …

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The Dedication of Dedicated servers

Servers are the power behind the internet, through these super computers; the internet is what it is today, a hub for billions of people, with countless number of transactions and information distribution in a massive scale. The basic venue for transactions in the internet is through the website, and the …

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Understanding domains

The internet is filled with .com, .net, .org and many more, but what is it and what is its purpose? In this article we will see and hopefully understand the use of those suffixes, and how it is important to our technologically advance world. What is a domain? The suffixes …

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