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PoundHost Launches a New Affiliate Marketing Channel


New Affiliate Marketing Channel With the ever increasing challenge of capturing new and unique customers, businesses are consistently turning to creative methods of presenting their value and establishing their brand presence. It is in this spirit that UK based PoundHost, leading player in the server co-location realm, is announcing a …

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Finding the best web hosting in the UK

Web hosting is one of the growing companies that are currently gaining influence in the internet today. Many businesses and individuals seek their services in order for them to start their online marketing strategy. Out of the countless numbers of web hosting companies that offer web hosting services in the internet …

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Shared hosting solutions

Sometimes, venturing into online marketing is not that easy, making the change into the virtual world needs careful thoughts and countless hours of planning before you start your venture. There are many problems which can trouble a new timer in internet marketing, which if nor properly solved, can definitely cause …

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Linux and Windows hosting: which is better?

Platforms are basically virtual foundations where in computer structure is based upon. It is the core of every computer today and has evolved tremendously through the years after its inception. Examples of platforms are Linux and Windows which is generally accepted as included in the most popular platforms today. Linux …

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