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The Many Uses Of A Cheap Server

Technology departments in corporations use all different kinds of cheap servers to run their applications effectively. Some have migrated over to ‘Cloud’ which enables users to have great resources regardless of where one might be. Enabling Cloud can reap many benefits for major corporations as these kinds of superior resources provide a …

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Atom Cube

If you are looking for a dedicated server that will provide significant memory and tech support, you should check out the Atom Cube. Designed to Use Very Little Energy The Atom is a processor that requires very low amounts of energy. This makes is very efficient and convenient for smaller …

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What is a VPS server?

Storage of data within a VPS server gives you a range of possibilities close to that of a dedicated server, without imposing costs.  In the world of web hosting, hosting in VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a solid alternative to dedicated hosting, and an interesting step between shared hosting and …

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Build your own server

Sometimes you need to have at our disposal, sufficient disk space! That way we are able to share files, images, videos with friends.  The problem is that we cannot always email them or use a peer-to-peer, because we do not necessarily want to share files with the peeping toms of …

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Find out about UK hosting

In order to take advantage of the Internet to promote yourself and your business you need to be able to get affordable and reliable UK hosting for your website. There are many different options available and many different companies that offer this service. There is a great variety of options …

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Web application server

web application server

A web application server is very important to have to ensure that your site will be able to handle dynamic content in order to send out files and media correctly and in a timely manner. It is essential software to have and it is important to understand how it works …

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PoundHost Launches a New Affiliate Marketing Channel


New Affiliate Marketing Channel With the ever increasing challenge of capturing new and unique customers, businesses are consistently turning to creative methods of presenting their value and establishing their brand presence. It is in this spirit that UK based PoundHost, leading player in the server co-location realm, is announcing a …

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Linux dedicated server: What is it?

One of the marvels of human endeavor is technology and it is man’s greatest achievement to date. One can easily be awed by the sheer volume of technological advancement mankind has made, and one of his greatest invention is the internet. Today, it is impossible to picture out a society …

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What are Shared Hosting and SQL Hosting

Web hosting is a service provided by companies that cater such service, by providing Server space for websites of different people and businesses that avail this type of service. There are different types of web hosting and some examples are shared hosting and SQL hosting.  What is Web hosting? A …

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What is web hosting?

web hosting

The internet is a vast interconnected world of information shared by countless number of computers; it is a web of connections that covers the whole world. The website is the basic component in the internet in that no business can become successful in the cyberworld without it. Each website is …

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