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VPS & Dedicated Servers

Collocation is the movement of the servers from an in house location usually to a much safer location that is marked with specialized environment for the servers. Collocation sites usually offer the users with an environment that features high-security features such as cameras, fire detection and extinguishing devices. Some of …

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Xen Virtual Servers – Why Favor the Virtual Option?

When it comes to the online world and the internet of the 21st century in general, it cannot have escaped the attention of most that things have a habit of evolving, changing and shifting faster than in any other sphere. Only a few short years ago, any person or business looking …

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OpenVZ vs. Xen vs. KVM — Let the Virtual Battle Begin

Virtual servers have become a must have for companies that are starting up or trying to cut back their budget.  Being able to cut back by turning one dedicated server into several smaller ones can be a great boon, but there are some important choices that you will have to …

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Managed VPS Offer Security and Convenience

 Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are used by businesses to communicate on a private network while still using the internet. Because they are closed systems controlled by the company, they are not open to outside traffic from the public. When a VPS is used, companies’ network needs are simplified, its extended …

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