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Web hosting plans

Many web hosting companies have free hosting plans available along with their paid plans. Sometimes, a free plan is all you need, but there are reasons why a paid plan is generally better than a free one.  The primary and some would say the only benefit to a free web …

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Web Hosting

cheap hosting

Creating a website from scratch is really difficult and time consuming unless you have a really efficient and dedicated team working by your side. However, is creating the content all there is to it? No! If you want your website to be visible to the world – you are going …

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Where to Go for Top Web Hosting

If you are a large company of resellers and developers, you need unlimited, top web hosting with unlimited domains and more.  If you’re in Britain, what you need is NAMESCO for your hosting needs.  NAMESCO is happy to offer its annual Platinum hosting clients the following: Unlimited Domains Unlimited e-mail …

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How to Evaluate Your Website Hosting Needs

So, you have a website that you want to publish for all to see. What website hosting option is best for you? How do you decide? Instead of being overwhelmed by all the features that a hosting company offers, simply evaluate the purpose of your website, your budget, how much …

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