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Website Builder

web site builder

In today’s technology driven world it is essential that every individual or business utilizes a website builder to quickly and easily share their message with the world.  Websites are used in the same way that storefronts have been used in the past.  Your webpage shares a significant amount of information …

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The many advantages of dedicated web hosting

The internet and the opportunities for online industry is increasing at such a vast rate that it is difficult for businesses to keep up. The ability of being able to maintain your website has become very important, as well as its capability to be able to handle heavy online traffic. …

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What are Shared Hosting and SQL Hosting

Web hosting is a service provided by companies that cater such service, by providing Server space for websites of different people and businesses that avail this type of service. There are different types of web hosting and some examples are shared hosting and SQL hosting.  What is Web hosting? A …

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Cheap Hosting

shared hosting solutions

If you are just starting out with creating your website, blog or as a simple hobby, cheap hosting is what you should be looking for Cheap hosting is usually based on a shared server, this will keep costs low while still be effective. Keep in mind that there are many …

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What is Joomla Hosting?

Joomla is a content management system that has garnered the respect of many in the internet world because of its CMS software that gives you the ability to keep track of your website content, whether it is text, documents, audio and video content and such. It’s easy to use interface …

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Understanding domains

The internet is filled with .com, .net, .org and many more, but what is it and what is its purpose? In this article we will see and hopefully understand the use of those suffixes, and how it is important to our technologically advance world. What is a domain? The suffixes …

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What is a Domain name?

The Domain name is unique to every internet server, just like phone numbers .Without domain names there would have been a lot of confusion concerning the internet world, and trying to locate a website would have been near to impossible How the Domain name is recognized So every domain has …

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