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Windows Server

A web server holds a key importance in hosting a website. Without it, you will not be able to get your website up and running. Windows server is among the best web servers around the offer the best features to the website owners and is therefore, considered the most suitable …

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Benefits of Quarter Rack Colocation

Quarter rack colocation services provide reasonably priced alternatives to dedicated data servers. In the past, only large-scale enterprises could take advantage of the consistency and reliability of high performance data centers. With quarter rack colocation options, even small and medium businesses can benefit from powerful and dependable servers. Quarter Rack Basics Quarter rack systems …

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What Server Do You Want For Your Website?

You are upgrading your website and its server to take advantage of all the new Internet computing capabilities.  If you live and work in Great Britain, then the place to look for your new Windows server is PoundHost.com, because PoundHost.com offers a Windows server in each of its dedicated server …

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